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Women's Health: Responsibility and the Seed of Healing

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Women's health has been a taboo subject for too long. Eastern and Western Medicine both have treated the development of women's health based off how the era of their time viewed women. Thus in the modern era, the medicine of women's health has been skewed historically, developed primarily by male doctors, for male audiences and only in recent decades, taken the whole of a woman more accurately into consideration. Although the remnants of these conditions still exist, they are fading, as more women are becoming empowered in their own bodies. One way that women are enlivened and healing, is by listening to themselves internally. Through finding this seed of balance inside, women not only heal themselves, but heal the world.


Approximately half of the population will have a menstrual cycle and go through menopause at some point in their life, yet many people know very little about these and very few are talking about them. The education around sexual health, both men's and women's, usually stops at a middle school level and is not revisited as one becomes an adult who is more aware and confident in their body. The modern age has brought about very beneficial scientific discoveries around health, yet there is still a deficiency of people really understanding their own bodies. Some details on anatomy and physiology will help, but more importantly, many individuals need to be retrained to listen to themselves.

As women are receivers naturally, they listen to everything around them. They listen to every person and can receive every impression from their environment. This process of receiving, however, also must be turned inward, in order to receive from oneself and truly heal. As energy becomes directed to the core, new solutions for current health patterns arise. By accepting and exploring what is presented thereafter, one can naturally work with how energy wants to move out and transform.

Following another's expertise is often necessary as a part of the healing journey. Understanding exactly how much help from another is actually needed, however, is key. Taking the time, intention and priority to listen internally, is an essential step toward achieving balance in health. In granting opportunities to find organic, yet thoughtful solutions, one can more pointedly direct the course of their healing and influence the discussion around health for future generations.

When women heal themselves, the world is healed.

Children watch and emulate and whether boy or girl, they follow.

Leading by example is the only way to truly teach another.

Women teach the world how to live.

Chapter 71 of the Tao Te Ching as translated by Gia Fu-Feng and Jane English

Healing the Mind

" Academia confuses knowledge with knowing.

Most everyone applauds the memorization of the 10,000 trivia.

Beware! These schooled addictions are not just myths-

they are a form of mental illness.

Any fragment of the mind,

divorced from heart, spirit, human community,

and from the primal reality of the universe,

is an abomination of the Great Integrity.

Let us prepare for the Great Integrity.

By cleansing ourselves of all these cobwebs

of cluttered fragments that paralyze the mind.

In this way, we will function as our own holistic physicians."


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