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Feng Shui



Feng Shui is about the relationship something has with its environment.  A goal of Feng Shui is to establish healthy relationships between people and their immediate environment.  It can also look at one's relationship with their own internal landscape. 


Feng Shui offers recommendations for improvement based on how nature moves.  It aims to create energy flows in an environment, that mimic the patterns in nature.  In doing so, Feng Shui makes suggestions for an individual based on the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) and the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water).  


By recreating healthy and positive energy flows between environments and people, Feng Shui can positively impact one's health.  A Feng Shui consultation can even be thought of as an acupuncture treatment, but for the environment.  Feng Shui can help release outdated patterns and shed light on aspects of the environment that may be overlooked.  It is a process and perfection is not the goal.  One does, however, have the opportunity to feel more supported and uplifted in their environment. 

Feng Shui for the Business

Feng Shui for the Business consultation can reenergize stagnant flows and provide options to enhance quality improvement.  The objective is to help you create more satisfaction and organization in your business, which will ultimately create better services for the public.   


Feng Shui Consultations

for Homes and Businesses

Feng Shui for the Home

Feng Shui for the Home consultation provides an opportunity to create more harmony between your inner desires and outer manifestations.  During the consultation, it will be determined how all of the natural elements are flowing in your home and how to balance them.  Your birthdate, the direction your home faces, construction date and floor plan, can be taken into consideration.  The goal is to help you create a nurturing and supportive environment for yourself and others living there.




Consultation Details

Shortly after booking, you will receive an email with a Feng Shui questionnaire about your goals.  If you are starting off in your journey in Feng Shui, it may be better to begin with a more general consultation.  On the day of consultation, there will be a discussion of your goals and a walk through your home or business.  The consultant may then take time to do compass readings, before going back through the spaces together to discuss possible remedies.  Suggestions will cover ways to harmonize the natural elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) within the 8 compass directions and will dedicate purposes to individual spaces.      


You are encouraged to take notes during the consultation.  The Feng Shui information provided will be from the schools of the Classical Flying Stars, Black Sect, Form and/or Intentional.     

Paramahansa Yogananda

"Environment is stronger than will power."

Feng Shui Dragon Qi Hole
roof tops

"Out of the clutter, find simplicity."

Albert Einstein
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