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A Healing Touch

A profile article on Dr.Elizabeth in Modern Luxury Hawai'i.  

The Tao Te Ching
by Lao Tzu

The Complete Tao Te Ching:  Translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English.  81 chapters.  

Acupuncture and Medical Qigong to Treat Irritant-Induced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Case report by Dr. Elizabeth Maximin, D.A.c.

Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui

"One way to view the "channel" system of acupuncture is to compare it with the way rivers, streams, reservoirs and underground springs function in nature, which then become a metaphor for the functions and transportation of the vital substances (qi [chi], blood, essence, body fluids) throughout the body."

Evidence Supporting a Phased Immuno-physiological Approach to COVID-19 From Prevention Through Recovery

Discusses the use of vitamins, herbs and supplements that include: Vit.D/A/C, Zinc, Melatonin, Fish Oil, Potassium, N-Acetyl Cysteine (in proteins like eggs, sunflower seeds, legumes +), Glutathione (in avocado, spinach, garlic, cabbages, broccoli, chives +), Astragalus (Huang Qi - used in Yu Ping Feng +), Andrographis, Reishi mushroom, Berberine (in Oregon grape +), Baicalin (from Huang Qin), Echinacea, Goldenseal, Curcumin (in turmeric), Bormelain (from pineapple plant), Resveratrol, Sulforaphane (in cruciferous vegetables) and Boswelia (Indian frankincense).

The Impact of Unconscious Bias in Healthcare

Article includes how to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias within healthcare professionals and systems.  


One tool mentioned is the Implicit Association Test (IAT), which aims to measure unconscious bias:

The Role of Chinese Medicine

"As practitioners of Chinese medicine, after all, we do not need to know the precise type of virus we are dealing with. How then, does Chinese medicine determine the etiology of this disease? ... it is still human observational skills that are most important for all successful treatment, formatted in the system of differential diagnostics."   Eastern Medicine treats the body, not the disease.   

"What else are you going to rely on? The simple fact is that you have to instill a certain degree of medical expertise in every citizen to really be able to keep everyone healthy...educating each individual in the basics of our medicine..." 

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Health and Medicine COVID-19 Support Registry

What is the possible value of integrative health agents, practices and practitioners amidst the rise of COVID-19?


For practitioners, ​"one way to know is to participate in reporting the kinds of integrative interventions being used for prevention, for support, for rehabilitation, and for treatment. A set of global collaborators have created the Integrative Medicine COVID-19 Support Registry."  

Planetary Mantras

Connect the microcosm of your body with the macrocosm of the world and MANIFEST.

Jupiter > Wood > Liver = anger/kindness 

Mars > Fire > Heart =  mania/joy

Saturn > Earth > Spleen = worry/compassion

Venus > Metal > Lungs = sadness/reverence

Mercury > Water > Kidneys = fear/hope

How COVID-19 is Currently Treated in China with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Includes an herbal formula for possible immune support based off the patent formula called Yu Ping Feng "Jade Windscreen", for appropriate cases.

Other formulas noted based on symptom presentation. Sang Ju Yin "Mulberry and Chrysanthemum Decoction" noted to help with some symptoms or acceleration, not curative.  

Acupuncture in the Treatment of COVID-19:  An Exploratory Study

"The climate in Wuhan in December 2019, with its continuous rain and abnormal warmth, led to the epidemic by fostering cold and damp qi that impairs human yang qi.  ...key to treatment is to identify whether the pattern is one of damp-cold toxin causing heat or heat-toxin mixing with damp. 

Ghost point needling is one method that is relevant in the treatment of epidemics.  Shaman doctors commonly used the term gui (ghost) as a term for unexplained illness and disease...  since the systematic development of Chinese medicine in the Han dynasty and the cultural revolutions in the 20th century, medical scholars began to avoid use of practices involving the term ‘ghost’ in order to distant themselves from shamanism."

The Five Elements:  Metal (Lung)

One of the five elements, Metal, is in charge of both the Lung (yin organ) and the Large Intestine (yang organ), which are a pair. Beneficial colors: White, Silver, Grey, Metallics 


"Metal is the energy of autumn; it gives us our sense of quality and value, and our capacity to look at what lies beyond ourselves. It gives us the power to let go. It represents our father."

Emotion: sadness/grief

The Five Elements:  Wood (Liver)

Springtime is associated with the Wood element.  The organs of Wood are the Liver (yin organ) and the Gallbladder (yang organ), which are a pair.

The emotion of the Liver is anger.  Beneficial colors:  Greens, Blue-Green, Turquoise 

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