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Healers: Unveiling the mask of Self Nurturing

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

We always need to be conscious of how we nourish ourselves and others in our work. Questions to ask ourself are, “Are we giving to others and if so, what are we giving? And, “How are we giving to ourselves?”

The question of asking if we are actually giving to another through our contribution to society can be entangled. This concept can get masked because, as for most of us, we would not be happy if we weren't doing what we were doing. So in this way, are we really not giving to ourselves through our work? We, of course, also have altruistic attitudes for others and want to help one another, but the gift we give ourself through practicing any discipline, is undeniable.

Acknowledgement of your connection to your personal work is important. You want to understand your motivation and what you are receiving. When we lack the understanding that we possibly received many blessings already throughout our day, we loose the potential of actually receiving them. And by missing out on these opportunities, we may feel deficient, empty, alone or 'overworked'.

As a result, when we give back to ourselves, we can do so in excessive ways in order to fill such gaps.

While enjoying life in its many different components can be extraordinary healing, the point is, don’t fool yourself. Be conscious of all the gifts you received through the day so you can understand your choices thereafter. You do receive many gifts. You do give many gifts as well.

Appreciation is key.


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