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GI Issues and the Solar Plexus Chakra

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

The Solar Plexus Chakra represents:

The 3rd chakra

The sense of oneself

The ego

The color yellow

Digestion - Stomach, Spleen

When there are Gastrointestinal (GI) complaints, the solar plexus charka may be involved.


Treatment approaches for the 3rd chakra can include yellow color therapy in baths, in clothing selection or in food selections. The color of yellow is attributed to the Earth element in Eastern medicine, as are other Earth color tones. As a result, there may also be benefit from using other earth colors or approaches that focus on the Earth element. Using the Earth element can include using qualities associated with Earth, such as slowness, synthesis and grounding. These approaches can be applied in how one communicates within oneself or communicates with others. It can also include examining how one moves physically through life. Are you rushing through life or measuring on solid ground?

By using approaches that use the Earth element in one's life, one may better digest their ‘reality’ and potentially resolve gut issues.

Healing with Whole Foods, a book by Paul Pitchford, references how some gut issues can be related to psychological and emotional issues.


Acid Reflux

When one chakra is imbalanced it can affect the chakras next to it. For example, the solar plexus can affect the throat chakra when there are GERD symptoms such as acid rising up from the stomach affecting the throat. This shows how when one chakra is greatly imbalanced, it can affect the chakras surrounding it first. If severe and chronic enough, it will start to pull from the chakras even further from it. An unbalanced chakra can make the surrounding chakras deficient or excess depending on the combination of the 'nature of the disorder', with the 'nature of the patient'.

In the case of GERD, the throat chakra being affected is more likely a ‘branch’, where the solar plexus or Earth center is the ‘root’ of the disorder. The disorder started in the center or stomach. Treatment would be applied to the root, branch or combination of them both, just like any other treatment in Eastern Medicine. If the branch is severe enough, it needs to be treated first or concurrently with the root. In this case, if the lining of the esophagus is compromised, it must be concurrently treated with calming stomach acid.

Here it is advised to look at both Eastern Medicine techniques of treatment and other forms of energy medicine that use a fuller understanding of the chakra system in order to understand patterns and potential treatments across individuals.


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