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Feng Shui between People

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Feng Shui isn't only for furniture arrangements or placing objects in individual spaces of the house, it is also about the energy between individuals and their communities.


Feng Shui is essentially about energy flow and movement. If energy is flowing well, then you are in the presence of good Feng Shui. If energy is not flowing well, then the Feng Shui is not good. By employing Feng Shui strategies, one can change energy dynamics.

The energy dynamics between people can be 'remedied' in the same thought of using Feng Shui in a physical space. In a physical space, the way energy is flowing in the environment, determines good or bad Feng Shui. The energy can be too harsh with many sharp angles and turns. Or it can be stagnant with dead end corners or too much clutter. In observing interactions between people, these types of energy dynamics can also be present. Take for example when a person comes in with a very powerful and externally oriented dynamic. If they are not careful, their energy may feel intruding or 'sharp' to others. Or individuals who carry energy lower in their body, may be more prone to stagnation as they become weighted to the ground. Others may feel weighted down in their presence. In any kind of dynamic, however, one can use Feng Shui principles and create better energy flow and harmony while still remaining authentic to oneself. At its core, Feng Shui is about being natural.

All one has to do is shift their energy patterns when interacting with others in ways that create better harmony. Truth and authenticity live in harmony. Notice and observe how you are carrying your energy in a given situation. Are you taking in energy, or, are you putting energy out? This is a basic polarity; receiving and giving. Also look at how your energy is being perceived by the other. By understanding these dynamics, one can adjust the way they are interacting or 'vibrating' with another. For example, if you encountered an individual who had a penetrating energy, how would you respond? Would you allow your energy to be molded or would you match the intensity?

In either approach, there is an intention which is geared toward better Feng Shui with another.

The Celestine Prophecy, a book by James Redfield, uses story to describe observing these types of energy interactions between people.


This idea can also extend to observing individuals within their communities. Is an individual contributing to their community or taking from it? For example, an individual would not have good Feng Shui with their community, if they disobeyed all traffic laws.

Looking at how communities 'match' energy for handling 'delinquent' individuals, can also provide a deeper understanding of how that community is using energy as well. Everything is Feng Shui.


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